Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard

Requirements : Android 2.3 and up The iconic Rainbow Unit lands for the first time on your Android device Engage in all the high-intensity missions of the original Rainbow Six game with updated and enhanced content.

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for Android

Feel the rush of the escape and the thrill of the takedown! Outrun the law as a Racer in supercars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque – or stop racers cold as a Cop in high-speed police interceptors like the Lamborghini Reventon.

Facebook untuk android

facebook untuk android tentunya mempunyai fitur-fitur unggulan yang dapat memudahkan pengguna dalam mengakses.

Download Cut the Rope Experiment for android New!

For Android user can download it! Features:- 125 new experiments (levels) across 5 colorful new settings, with more to come!

Download World of goo Android!

This is the FULL award winning game, now on Android. Drag and drop living, squirming, talking, globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins, and giant tongues.

Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Stronghold 3

Firefly Studios' Stronghold 3


Minggu, 05 Juni 2011

Cheats The Sims 2 PC

The Sims 2 Cheat Codes  

(asia gamespot)

Misc. Codes

Press CTRL + SHIFT + C to access the cheat window, then enter the following:
Cheat Effect
exit closes cheat window
expand expands or contracts cheat window
kaching get 1000 cash
help -all list cheats
autopatch (on/off) lets you know if theres a patch
moveobjects (on/off) moves objects and deletes you couldnt before
vsync (on/off) increases game performance but lowers graphics
StretchSkeleton makes your sims larger or smaller
aging off turn off aging
aging on turn on aging
motherlode 50,000 simoleans
faceBlendLimits (on/off) turns off facial bounding limitations. It prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures.
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false You can place objects outside the grid.
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8 You can invite more people to your parties.
boolprop constrainFloorElevation false Allows you to change elevation of floor tiles.
boolprop constrainFloorElevation true Disables the ability to change elevation of floor tiles.
clear Clears all cheat codes on the screen, but codes are still in effect.
slowmotion Puts the game in slow motion. Enter any number that 0 through 8 (0=fastest and 8=slowest)
boolprop lotTerrainLighting (True/False) Set to false and lots will not light up when highlighted in neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel (True/False) Set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood.
boolprop displayLotImposters (True/False) Set to false to removes house graphics from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater (True/False) Set to false to remove water from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora (True/False) Set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads (True/False) Set to false to remove roads from neighborhood
boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps (True/False) Set to false to remove props like rocks and towers from neighborhood
boolprop lotWater (True/False) Set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots
boolprop lotTerrainPaints (True/False) Set to false to remove floorpainting on lot
boolprop carsCompact (True/False) Set to true and cars will have more detail in neighborhood
boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode (True/False) Set to true to show lot information
boolprop objectShadows (True/False) Set to false to remove removes shadows on objects outside house
boolProp guob (True/False) Set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house
boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel (True/False) Set to true and walls will no longer cut away from selected Sim
boolProp displayPaths (True/False) Set to true to see the path where the selected Sim walks to
boolprop displayLookAtBoxes (True/False) Set to true and blocks appear on Sims faces and on parts where Sims look at
boolProp simShadows (True/False) Toggle shadows on/off for Sims
boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename (True/False) In neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot is highlighted
boolprop locktiles (True/False) Set to false to place floor tiles outside lot
boolprop allObjectLightsOn (True/False) Set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used
RoofSlopeAngle (15-75) Changes the slope angle of a roof
boolProp testingcheatsenabled true/false if set to true ALL other cheats work.
familyfunds (Family's last name) XXXX Alots any amount of money you desire to any sim family (remove parenthesis in the family's last name and replace the XXXX's with any amount you want)
unlockcareerrewards unlocks career rewards.
gameVersion Version in the cheat box.
help [cheat command] Displays information about indicated cheat.

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Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

Themes Creator/Themes Maker: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blckberry, Samsung

Themes Creator/Themes Maker:
 Disini anda dapat membuat tema hp sesuai keinginan. Anda bisa langsung mendownload themes creator untuk Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackbery, Samsung.

Ini beberapa screenshots nya:

 Download Here

Themes Creator Sony Ericsson (18MB)

Themes Creator Samsung (1MB) 

Themes Creator Blackberry (11MB) 

 Themes Creator Nokia (5,2MB)


Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Gangstar Miami Vindication

Enjoy driving different range of vehicles which includes cars, motorcycles, jet skis and helicopter.
Additional Information:-
  • Great open world environment in mobile gaming ever.
  • Rage of missions up to 75 and some of like Jungle of Miami, Snipe Enemies and infiltrating gangs.
  • Get your hand dirty on fast vehicles, race and chase with any available vehicles.
  • Freedom of choosing and completing missions.
  • Engage in gangs with different available weapons like rockets, sniper rifle etc. 
game preview:


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